Friday, September 19, 2008

Ready for the Weekend... I'm ready for the weekend, even though I never had a work week this week. School was cancelled all week due to the power outages from the wind storm. I was one of the fortunate people, who was only without power for one day. Ben and I had spent Sunday night with my parents.

How have I spent my week?
* Watching Season One and starting Season Two of 24. I'm hooked.
* Working out (Go Me!)
* Spent a bit of time with my mom
* Went to the nursing home with Ben
* Cleaning out my closet, gathering things to go to Goodwill and to my friend Vicki
* Watched the end of Season 2 of Avatar with Ben

Have I done anything else that would classify as productive? NO

This afternoon, I am going to work on organizing some books for my classroom library. That will at least make me feel productive. I brought home a few things to work on, but the majority of what I need is at school.

Ok, back to my weekend. Ben had suggested we start watching Season 3 of Avatar. I am really into this series, but mentally I cannot handle another night of sitting at home. I have to be out and do something. He laughed, and said that he understood. We are going to the Gas Light Festival's Balloon Glow tonight. It is really pretty seeing about 25-30 hot air balloons all lit up. Then, we can go for a walk and have dinner.

Tomorrow, my church has a service in the park. This is always such an awesome service. Afterwards there will be a picnic/games in the park. One of the things I know we will have are those bouncy things. I've always been too fat to bounce in those. If there is a way a few of my friends and I can get in one, I am going to be all about doing that too! I have invited Ben to attend, but he may not be able to because of studying obligations. If he is busy, afterwards, I'm hoping to go with a group of my friends to hang out on Bardstown Road. :)

Sunday will be church....and I'm not acting, just doing the normal crowd control with the kids. It was so nerve racking getting ready to act last Sunday. After church we are going to lunch, then to see "43 Plays for 43 Presidents."

Sunday evening, I was supposed to go to my parents for a birthday celebration for my brother and sister. I have been growing a backbone though. A few weeks ago, we were planning when to celebrate their birthday. I expressed to both of them that I wanted to see this play, and I was going to make arrangements on whether to see the afternoon or evening performance based on when they wanted to get together. They decided to get together in the evening, so I made the reservations for the play in the afternoon. Well, on Thursday my sister decides to change the plans of when we are getting together. Of course, there is no good reason for it, it just suits her schedule better. In the years past, I've always been the one to be completely flexible and accommodating, but I made plans around what was supposed to work for them. I told them I would not be at the get together, because of my plans. This may seem somewhat selfish, but after years of always bending, it is ok not to always bend.

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