Thursday, September 4, 2008

Goal Achieved...and The Most Fun to Date!

I finally did it last night. I ended up eating dinner with Ben, even though we had not planned to do so. Afterwards, we went back to the seminary, and spent some time together on a bench. He was talking about how a year or so ago, he noted a guy who had his girlfriend sitting on his lap and they were making out pretty intense. So I said, "Want to give that a try?" He was thrilled because that meant that I was consenting to sit on his lap. I sat on his lap, on two different occassions last night, and we kissed. Man did we ever kiss!

It felt so good to be able to sit on his lap. Although my mind was working against me for some time, I was too busy enjoying kissing to pay much attention. Trust me, there will be more of sitting in Ben's lap in the very near future!

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