Thursday, September 25, 2008


Losing the last few pounds really does suck. I really do "get it" now in regards to people talking about those last 10-20 pounds. My body is very happy where it is at. VERY. HAPPY. I hate that. I just want to full force steam engine ahead and be done with this! Is that such a bad thing?

I am elated at the progress I have made. I am so happy that I don't wear a size 36W pair of pants anymore. Other things I am happy about .... that I don't fear breaking chairs when I sit down, I look normal out in public, I won't die of health related causes before the age of forty, I can shop for clothes at normal stores, the list can go on and on.

In other news, I am really loving my class. I work in a very tough school, and things are very challenging, but I have fallen in love with my students. I am committed to helping them succeed and have a better self-image. I will be out of work Friday, Monday, and Tuesday because I will be at a conference.

Things are going well with Ben and I. Today we have dated for four months. I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow evening. On Saturday, I have to watch the boys, so we will be discussing our books via phone, and then we will be together Sunday for church. I had told Ben a while back that I would love for him to come have lunch with my class. He offered to come this Friday, but since I will be at a conference, that won't work. I look forward to him visiting and getting to know my students.

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