Friday, September 12, 2008

Scaling Back....But a Good Thing

I talked with Ben last night. We are going to scale back a bit on our time together. We are still extremely happy together, but he needs time to study. It was great spending so much time together in the beginning to really start to get to know one another. Now I want to still spend time with my smokin' hottie, but I also need time for other things....I want to cultivate a few new friendships with coworkers, train for this mini-marathon, scrapbook with my mom, etc. I have always struggled with balance in my life, and I think I need a little bit of balance in the relationship.

He did not bring up anything about time spent together, etc only that he needed to study more. Just in reflecting about everything this morning, I'm ok with us not spending every waking moment together on the weekend.

Although, I am delighted that he will be here in a few minutes to spend some time with me this evening! In the morning it is the Family Fun and Fitness Walk! :)

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