Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stepping Out

Sunday I am doing something that is also stepping out of my comfort zone. Something that I would have NEVER done when I was SSMO. I am going to act in a skit for children's church on Sunday. I know you are thinking, "Aren't you a teacher?" Yes, I am. I can do almost anything silly in front of small children alone. On Sunday, there will be about 50 kids, but there will also be around 10 adults. I volunteered to do this part in the skit. Of course, I may be regretting this decision later on tonight when I am learning my lines!

The new book I am reading is called "Thin is the New Happy," by Valerie Frankel. It is a memoir about her lifelong struggle with her weight. It is interesting thusfar.

I got a dozen roses last night from by beloved! He got them in honor of me finishing up my four weeks from Hades. :) At dinner last night, he says, "I don't mean to keep focusing on it, but you are so small. You are thin now. You know that right?" It is so weird hearing those words, but wow, I loved it.

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