Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Skeletons Are Out....

Well, Ben's family knows about my surgery. I told his brother and sister-in-law via email at the beginning of last week. Ben told his mom yesterday per my request. I said that I wasn't really ready to talk about it, but if they had questions, they could send them through Ben, and I would answer. Ben's mom did worry about me getting too thin. I did directly answer that question with her last night saying that my weight has stayed ina very stable range for the past eight months.

I have the most concerned friends on a side note. My friend Mandi was worried that perhaps I had an eating disorder. It took me about twenty minutes of talking with her, but I did convince her that I didn't have one. Ben, who understood her concern, still laughed because he knows how much I eat.

Last night we watched Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. That was really funny. Tonight, not so much fun is on the agenda. PACKING. In one week, Ben's stuff will be moved in my place, and I am no where near ready for it. Hopefully, we can ge a decent amount done since this is my early night work wise.


PrettyWoman said...

Tiffany, why is it such a big deal to hide your surgery or to feel like you have to tell someone about it?

Have a great day, and have fun!

ChiTown Girl said...

I'll bet a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders, huh?

Good luck with the moving this weekend. I don't envy you at all. I hate to pack and move things. I'm pretty sure I'm going to die in my house, because I don't ever want to move again!! ;-)

Laurie (GastricGirl.com) said...

I'm sure it feels better having everything out in the open! :)