Saturday, May 30, 2009

Loving the Weekend!

Friday we had another field trip. It went pretty well, especially when we were separated from the other two fifth grade classes. I am very strict about many things, and when my kids are around the other classes, it is as if they unlearn all the things I have taught them.

Many times as a teacher you often don't get to see the rewards of teaching, but I love when I get little glimpses. Here are a few I've had recently:

* Thomika reading over Holly's shoulder because the book was "too good to wait for."

* Emmitt asking if we can have a longer silent reading time.

* Two different adults complimenting Trenton on how polite he was at the amusement park.

* The discussion my students were having about the resilency of Emmanuel (from the documentary Emmanuel's Gift).

I went to the chiropractor yesterday, and I've got to work on unlearning one of my FAVORITE habits: crossing my legs. I was never able to cross my legs. I was always too heavy to do it. I remember that was one of the things I wanted to be able to do on my skinny list. I was delighted the day that it happened. I felt more like a woman. It was awesome. I was talking with the chiropractor today, and she (I wen to the other person in his practice) said that crossing legs is a bad thing to do. When I am seated, both of my legs should be on the ground. This is going to take some working to do.

Ben and I had a great dinner at an Italian Cafe in Old Louisville. We were going to dine alfresco, but settled for semi-alfresco (seated in front of a large window that was open). A couple outside was smoking, and I didn't want that while enjoying my dinner. I had an amazing cheese tortellini with chicken. Afterwards we went to see Night at the Museum. It was very funny. Although I realize I have become OLD, because I actually like to watch a movie unlike the teenagers sitting around us who viewed it as a social gathering.

We got two tour books on Washington, D.C. We will be there for two weeks, and the time is getting closer and closer. We are now at 54 days! :)

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