Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Chiropractor Visit

I went to the chiropractor yesterday after school. He took two x-rays of my back, then did some scans with another device. I learned an interesting fact about my body: my right hip and right shoulder actually sit higher than my left. He could see how I was having problems with my lower back, but also noticed a lot of problems in my neck and shoulders. While those do bother me, I was going by what hurt the worst. I'll gladly take him making both better. :) I am going back for my first adjustment on Tuesday.


ChiTown Girl said...

I hope this doesn't sound rude or offensive, but I could see that in the pictures that you've been posting. I, too, have a very crooked spine (I have pretty severe scoliosis) and my right hip/shoulder are higher than my left. It's so aggravating because my right pant leg is always too short!! I hope he's able to help you. Keep us updated, please :)

Anton Houskeeper said...

Learning new things about your body is always interesting. Take these new discoveries as opportunities to correct any physical problems. I hope everything went well with your adjustment. Stay happy!