Monday, June 1, 2009

Lets just say Ben was excited about the butter on the fixins bar at WW Cousins last night! :) I am proud of him. Although his scale is packed, he got on my scale last night, and the numbers are continuing to go down for him.

Thanks to Scale Junkie, I am so excited to try Metromint water. I bought all four types, and they are chillin in my fridge. They cost $1.50 each, which is about the same price as FUZE, which I love. It is so funny how I still second guess the cost of things that are healthier for me. I NEVER thought about how much my Coca-Cola addiction cost me, or the number of king sized candy bars I would buy cost. If things like this keep me from going back to old habits that will cost my health in the long run, I AM WORTH IT!!!
Tonight after the GED Center, Ben and I will be doing our wedding program. I totally dropped the ball at getting this done during the weekend. I am going to print off some sample ones at school today.