Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pics as Promised

This first picture is not meant to offend anyone....honestly when I saw it, it just felt like the story of my life. This was taken at Hobby Lobby while we were waiting for our reservation. (I still had no idea what we were doing.)

Here we are at Ruth Chris. The second picture is taken on the balcony, and I love to view of the city.

So a reader asked me a question about who pays for our dates, and how that has worked as we became a more established couple. Ben has always paid for our dates. I can think of two or three times where I paid, and it was only because I was super insistent because we were celebrating something for him. Has this always been the case in my dating life? HEAVENS NO. Many men expect you to meet them middle of the way. I think this personally stinks. It makes me feel good that Ben values spending time with me so much that he offers to pay. One thing I can hand it to Ben on is that he has been 100% gentleman with class since my first encounter with him.
I have meetings today until 12, then I am off to Colonial Williamsburg/Jamestown. I am super pumped about the trip. :)

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ChiTown Girl said...

That sign is cute. Ben definitely is a gentleman. You found a good one there, glad you've decided to keep him. ;-)