Thursday, June 25, 2009

Live from Room 211

I am still at the hotel. I will get a break as we are headed to Charlotte this weekend. I hope to be back home (with a new AC unit) next Thursday evening. As it stands right now, Ben and I will be our $500 for the deductible, and my homeowners insurance will pay for the rest of the cost of a brand new unit. This is a major blessing, as it will be saving us about $4500. They will also cover my lodging expenses because of the extreme temperatures.

I did a free health screening at SBC yesterday. My cholesterol was excellent at 100. That is the lowest it has been poor DS. My two previous readings were 112 and 108. It feels so good to be healthy.

Tonight Ben and I are going to see Gallagher perform in my hometown. I know that will be fun.