Sunday, June 14, 2009


I made it home yesterday on time and with no flight delays. Life is good. Ben and I took his roommate Randy out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was cool to get to know Randy better. Here is the main reason we went out: Randy wanted to talk with ME about weight loss strategies, etc. Ben had been bragging to Randy so much about how he was on the best diet ever, and Randy wanted to know more about how to tailor things for himself. Talk about a total paradigm shift. I'm sitting here thinking, "Dude, if you only knew what I used to weigh, you would pass out on the floor." I was a good hundred pounds heavier than he was. What did feel good is that I know I have learned some things along the way, and I am happy that I can pass them along.

I worried the entire trip to Williamsburg about my weight. I didn't bring a scale. Although, I did see an ultra skinny girl carrying a scale with her in the Richmond airport. I wanted to ask her what the occasion was, but I bit my lip. My weight went down 0.8 ounces from when I left. I was kinda hoping for more since we did so much walking. I'm ok with where my weight it, but still crazy about checking it.

Last night Ben and I decided to postpone Shakespeare in the Park until tonight (unless we are too tired), and we started to tackle the kitchen. We made three trips to the dumpster, and two trips to his car to give things away at the seminary. We really did make a lot of progress, but it doesn't look that visible yet. We are working on it today as well. My dad is coming over to help Ben hang a bunch of pictures, so that will get more boxes out of the way. Also, Ben is going to help me craft my GED center letter resignation.

Off to church. :)

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