Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thanks for Letting Me Gloat and Be All In Love

Guys, I wanted to thank you for how supportive you have been regarding my relationship with Ben. I tend to talk about him more here than I do with two of my three best friends.

One of my friends got out of an extremely unhealthy relationship (one week before she was to marry the guy) last July, and is just starting to dip her toes back into the dating waters. The other friend is in her mid thirties, in a pretty isolated area (where the prospects seem very slim), and is not only worried about finding a guy, but being able to get pregnant before the clock runs out. While I try to share some of the stuff about Ben and I with them, I do try to proceed with caution, because I know what it feels like to be the odd man out. This is a place I feel safe to be able to share, and be all happy about being in love.

I'm at the airport now. My flight is delayed. I finished one professional book since Monday. I have about 10 I plan to read before the honeymoon. I am a bigtime nerd, and I really do like reading this stuff, and figuring out how I can be a better teacher. I made action notes of small but good things I can incorporate from the first book that I read.

A project I am NOT looking forward to doing, but must be done: REORGANIZING THE KITCHEN! I told Ben that this project is really getting under my skin, and I want it DONE. So, Sunday afternoon we are going to spend the necessary 2-3 hours that it will need to get it done. I'm going to completely clean out all cabinets and drawers, organize in groups, and put everything back away. I will take a picture of the big fat mess, then I will take a picture of the finished product. Ben can take a final picture with a sigh of relief on my face when this is done, or maybe a sign that says, "Calgon take me away." :)

Hey...anyone out there a Facebook user? Let me know, I'd love to add you to my friends list.


Anonymous said...

I just read your post about the Ruth Chris surprise, adorable. That is such a sweet idea (and guy!).

Definitely hear you about the friend situation! It can be hard to navigate a balance when everyone is not in the same place.

PS - I do the same thing with teaching books, glad to see I'm not the only summer nerd! :)

Name: Lynise said...

Hi Tiffany, our holidays (winter schools started a week ago so I've been away enjoying a break in the South Island) so with the end of term madness had got a little behind with my blog reading.

I'm on facebook, and would love to add you as a friend. (username Lynise Eastwood)