Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Graduation Tonight

My fifth grade class will be graduating tonight. We still have school on Wednesday, but this is when the facility could hold our graduation. Ben will be attending.

A few kinks...

Penny (my maid of honor) sent out my bachelorette party invitations, but forgot to put WHOSE bachelorette party it was. I have to go and tell my friends it was for me (those who don't know Penny).

My mom sent out about 75 invitations with the wrong address to the church. Fortunately, most of them were to Ben's family. Most of his family is not coming, and those who are will be getting directions from us to the church. We will still probably need to send correction post cards to about 25 people.

Last night Ben and I got the program ironed out. This weekend we will be assembling them (it is some fan type thing she got at the craft store) with my mom.

Ben got all the shelves put on his bookcases at my place, and got four boxes unpacked.

Off to work. I am loving listening to this man in the morning. His messages are POWERFUL!

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