Monday, June 8, 2009

Ladies always ride side saddle: :)

Saturday and Sunday Recap:
Ben went with me to two different stores to look for some longer dresses. Covering up this leg fat is really starting to get annoying. I am happy that I found two things I think look good that I can wear to the showers when we go to Charlotte.
We go down to help my mom get the programs together. The program is on four pages, and looks like a fan. They look very pretty, but were a lot of work. We got them finished in about four hours. We went to dinner with my friend Danielle and her boyfriend from high school. It has probably been ten years since I have seen her. While we used to be close, I was worried we wouldn't have anything to talk about. We talked for almost two hours straight. She saw my announcement in the paper, and sent me a message on facebook about the wedding.
My dad kept bugging me about going to my cousin Brittany's wedding shower. It started as a shower, but later turned into a big drunken bonfire. My dad must have asked seventeen billion times if we were going to stop by. My mom called my phone several times to "make sure we were still coming." I have never fit in around my dad's family. I have blogged about this before. This started from a very young age, and has never stopped. I've not fit in for so long, I guess I feel like it is my place, and I'm tired of trying. Ben and I stayed down for an hour at the event, and my mom looked at me once and said, "Smile Tiffany." I told her I would smile if I were having a good time. She went on about faking it, or learning to like it. I'm not trying to be mean, but I think some of the bridges are burned, and I will always be treated as an outsider.
On a completely selfish and vain note:
I was staring down my cousin Dawn, and I think I am her size. I seriously think I could have swapped clothes with her and they would have fit. Now that feels GREAT. (My cousin Dawn and I have not spoken in at least twelve years.)
Ben and I went to church. Afterwards we ate at North Star Cafe, which is becoming one of my favorite little places to eat. I had my Sunday afternoon nap. We then met up with Alex and Rachel to have dinner. Ben pointed out that Alex and Rachel are "our" first friends, by that meaning friends that were not his nor mine when we met, but that we met together. That is kinda cool. We invited them to go to Shakespeare in the Park with us next Saturday night. Ben and I ended the night at Starbucks. (mmmmm) We played Monopoly for quite a long time, and had lots of fun.
For those of you who think that teachers get off all summer: WE DON'T! I am booked solid the next two weeks. Not to mention several other sparadic days throughout the summer. Also, summer is a time I cherish because I only have to work "one" job, instead of the two that I maintain throughout the school year. I am off to work. Enjoy the day! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey can I ask a kinda weird that you are an established couple who pays for the dates??? does Ben always pay or do you offer sometimes or do you alternate or what? I never know when to offer or if I should at all...just wondering how longer term couples do it =) Thanks