Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Thoughts

Rivue was awesome! The dining room spun around as we ate, so we got to see an amazing view of the city from 25 stories! My dessert had flames coming off of it. Yeah, that pretty much ROCKS! :) While waiting for the dessert, a candy cart came by, and our server mixed us up to go boxes of gourmet candies. Ben likes a restaurant that sends you home with candy. (Heck, who wouldn't!)
I try to be very candid about my feelings in this blog. This blog was started two years ago as a way for me to process how all the changes that were affecting me. I'm glad it has helped and humored a few other people along the way, but that is still the sole purpose. Last night the mental battle kicks up a few notches while having dinner. I started to think and obsess about the number on the scale. The number is fine, and I know I need to not worry but I was. Life has special events, and it is ok to splurge at these events. My problem before was just that I treated every day as a special event, and allowed myself to always eat what I wanted. So what if the scale goes up today....I was celebrating something special, and that is more important.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful night! Happy Anniversary! We have a restaurant here in Chicago that also spins around (it's at the top of the John Hancock building) but I've always imagined it would be difficult to eat there. I get motion sickness at the slightest movement (unless I'm driving) so that doesn't seem like something I could handle :( But the view over your should looks amazing!