Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pure Bliss!

I was so happy when I got ready for bed last night. I realized that I didn't need to set my alarm clock at all. I could sleep until whenever I woke up. I slept for about ten hours. How awesome is that?

Last night was so much fun! Ben and I got our Christmas tree. It was my first real Christmas tree. We had such a great time decorating it. I made sugar cookies, and we ate those as we played Scrabble. (I am seriously becoming a Scrabble addict.) I will post pictures of us tonight in front of the tree. Our friend Aaron is going to take them. We ate at Just Fresh last night. It was such a great place to get food. It is similar in regard to Panera, but has several different menu options. I was very pleased with this choice!

Turns out I didn't have to deal with that angry parent yesterday. My principal did all the work for me. I was pretty happy about that. That shows me that he really knows that the kid is in the wrong, etc. It is nice when administrators step up to bat for their teachers, and allow us to continue teaching.

I'm going to do a little bit of laundry and dishes, and watch some episodes of 24!

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