Saturday, December 20, 2008

Picture from the Wedding

I got my hair done today, and I feel so much better. The wedding was beautiful, and I had a great time with Ben.
The mental war was FIERCE at the reception. I was really comparing myself to the other girls. It was to the point where it was affecting my enjoyment of the reception. I also had a bit of a crying spell afterwards because of "missing" Ben. I've been able to see Ben a lot (and will be over the next few days), but we are not getting to do a lot of things alone. I like hanging out with others, but I need my one on one time with Ben.


Kara said...

Your hair is ADORABLE. Glad to see that DS has changed your life for the better!

Lisa Williams said...


You look so beautiful. That's a great picture of you and Ben. I so admire you.

I think it's normal to compare yourself. I do it too and I'm a year out.

Happy Holidays!