Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night my mom said that I could probably wear fit into her wedding dress. I laughed at my mom, thinking she weighed about 80 pounds when she got married. She said she weighed around 120. When I told her my weight, she didn't believe me. She made me get the scale and show it to her! :)

Sleeping last night with the electric blanket was heaven. This will be a staple at my house for the rest of winter. I keep my heat cranked anyway, since I have low utility bills.

Pasta Queen was talking on her blog about being addicted to food. There are some days that I feel the same way. For example, yesterday we had breakfast provided at our school. I was not hungry, but I wondered into the lounge "just to see" what they had. Even though I wasn't hungry, I ended up having one piece of toast and jelly. I knew better than to even go into the lounge, yet I did.

Ok, seriously have to kick it into high gear and get to work. Happy days to you all!

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