Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good Times

I had such a great time with my two best friends in Lexington last night and today. I was pretty tired in the morning, even thinking of canceling, but by the afternoon I was pumped and excited to be heading out of town.

I tried on two really nice dresses at the Talbots Outlet Store. I have learned that I need to try on dresses with Spanx from now on. I really thought I might have liked these, had I seen how Spanx could smooth out some of my wrinkles. Since I couldn't see that, I decided not to buy the dresses. While I love Spanx, I don't ever want to make them a daily part of my wardrobe. I don't see the problem with wearing them on occasion to make a fitting dress look better.

A Note on Rudeness...

We are standing in a checkout line, and this lady asks my friend Penny if
she could wear the 1X PJs, since her daughter was about Penny's size.
Penny was trying to be very polite, but she kept pushing the conversation.
She asked what size Penny wore in clothing too. Here is the thing...I've
done this before, mainly when I was shopping for skinny friends, and I had no
clue what size they might wear. Yet, I was discrete about the whole
matter. This lady was NOT discrete. I am proud of how my friend handled this whole situation, but it was not an easy one.

We ate at a place that is similar to Panera Bread, but much more gourmet! It was so good. They do not have any locations in Louisville. :( I cannot think of the name of it for the life of me!

Ben and I went to Murder Mystery Dinner Theater tonight. We had a great time. He also surprised me with ordered tickets for us to see Bill Cosby in January! I LOVE Bill Cosby!!! Woooo Hoooo!!! :)

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