Monday, July 30, 2007


I have looked on several different websites, and this seems to be the "range" for my height as far a proper weight. (The range depending on if you have a small, medium, or large frame.) I had originally picked in my head 130 as my goal weight. I am going to my PCP tomorrow, and want to talk with her about what she thinks my goal weight should be. I have not been below 200 pounds since before seventh grade, so many of these numbers I feel I could be comfortable with. I just am scared about being on the "high" end of the range. I know this is a long way off, but I do want to think about it some. I have also heard that your body finds a range on its own, and that is where your goal weight will be.

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Donna said...

Well, everyone is different. I have always been active... even at my high of 347 I was still taking aerobics and moving. Ultimately check with your doctor.

The cool thing about spin is, you can do it at your own level. So what if you can't do all the simulated sprints, jumps and climbs. You just get on your bike a spin at your level.

The instructor will say 'turn it up' - meaning increase the resistance. You do so at your comfort level. You'll get better as time goes by.

Like I said though, be sure to check with your doctor, especially if you're not used to be active. Spin is pretty intense.

You might want to start with some form of aerobics, if you haven't done anything -- step is a lot of fun too!