Monday, July 16, 2007

Good Intentions

I had all intentions to start a blog as soon as I got back from surgery. I am a few months behind, but after reading many other blogs that have been so helpful to me, I am starting my own. I hope it will be a source of information about the Duodenal Switch journey.

I started researching Weight Loss Surgery in 2006. In August, I formally sought to get Gastric Bypass through my insurance company. I was denied three times, even through an independent appeal process. I hired an attorney, but the policy was iron clad, and I was NOT going to be covered. In the end, it was a huge blessing. Since I was going to self pay, I was not "desperate" to have "any" surgery covered. I became a consumer, and started researching the BEST surgery for me. The Duodenal Switch was the answer.

Why did I choose this surgery? In short, it has the highest success rate for people who are extremely obese (with a BMI of over 50), and patients have been able to keep the highest percentage of their excess weight off with this surgery. Many people who had the RNY surgery, and are not successful, usually have revisions to the Duodenal Switch.

I decided to have my surgery done out of the country in Mexico. I had my surgery March 26, 2007 with Dr. Daniel Huacuz. I received more personal attention and care there than I have ever received in any American hospital. Dr. Huacuz was very patient with me, and talked to me in detail many times on the phone. (When I was considering RNY, I got to meet the doctor for THREE minutes, and would not see him again until he performed surgery on me.)
I took four weeks off of work. I stayed at my parents house for two weeks. My mom was a godsend, and helped me with everything.

I entered surgery weighing 393.6 pounds. Here is a look at my weight loss to date:

First Month: 35 pounds
Second Month: 22 pounds
Third Month: 26.6 pounds