Friday, July 27, 2007

Been Thinking

There has been some serious family drama going on lately. Well, it all involves my sister, but it has really been tough. I have been thinking the past few days how difficult it is to see someone on a downward spiral.....yet not be able to do anything for them. This evening it hit me. It is just like my family seeing ME on a downward spiral with my weight, but not being able to help me. When I really think about it, by the time I went to surgery, I truly felt that there was nothing else within my power that I could do to help myself, other than surgery. I think how it must have grieved my family and friends to see my weight continuing to creep up month after month, year after year. Knowing that my very life was at stake. For the first time in my life I feel a sense of empowerment in my battle to lose weight. As friends from my undergrad in Eastern Kentucky used to say, "It's a long road to hoe," but at least I feel like it is possible to do now.

I am going to really work on keeping my protein above 100 (ideally 140-150 grams a day). I have noticed that Tia and Mary O. (who both have higher BMIs like I do), see more results with the scale the higher their protein numbers are.

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Dagny said...

That sense of empowerment you feel? It's going to intensify. The more weight you lose, the more in control and empowered you're going to feel!