Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Nice Change

When you are thin, there are so many things you don't have to think about in a given day. One thing that I often think about is "being able to fit" in a BOOTH at a restaurant. At one point, I even got pretty good at always requesting a table. That would usually depend on who I was having a meal with. Over the past two weeks, I have had to eat out many times, and I purposely sat in booths. There were times where I was not sure if I would "fit," but I did!!!

The reason this makes me so excited was thinking back to last September. I was not even at my highest weight (I think I was around 375 then). My family had gone to Texas Roadhouse, and I managed to sit in the booth, but when it came time to get out of the booth, it was an obvious struggle. Most of my family had already started walking, but my eyes met my dads. I knew that he could tell how badly I was hurting - both emotionally and physically.

It is nice being able to comfortably sit in a restaurant booth. Each day keeps on brining new adventures and WOWS!

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