Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today at Cracker Barrel

I had lunch with my best friend today. We have so many things in common, except she has always been naturally thin, and I've been fat. She is very healthly, and works out very reguarly. I was amazed because she actually ate more food than I did! It also took me more time to consume the smaller amount of food that I had. For the first time in a long time, I actually felt like I was a normal person eating wise.

I pray that as my weight loss will slow, I will still take time each day to marvel at the "Ordinary Miracles" that are happening right before my eyes. I am posting the lyrics to "Ordinary Miracles" sang by Sarah McLachlan in the Charlotte's Web movie.

Change can come on tiptoe,
Love is where it starts
It resides,
Often hides
Deep within our hearts
And just as pebbles make a mountain,
Raindrops make a sea
One day at a time
Change begins with you and me
Ordinary miracles
Happen all around
Just by giving and receiving
Comes belonging and believing
Ev'ry sun that rises
Never rose before
Each new day
Leads the way
Through a diff'rent door
And we can all be quiet heroes,
Living quiet days
Walking through the world
Changing it in quiet ways
Ordinary miracles
Like candles in the dark
Each and ev'ry one of us lights a spark
And the walls can tumble
And the mountains can move
The winds and the tides can turn
Ordinary miracles,
One for ev'ry star
No lightning bolt or clap of thunder,
Only joy and quiet wonder
Endless possibilities,
Right before our eyes,
See the way a miracle multiplies
Hope can spring eternally,
Plant it and it grows
Love is all that's necessary,
Love in its extraordinary way,
Makes ordinary miracles ev'ery day

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