Sunday, July 22, 2007

Some Goals I Have...

"Without vision, the people perish." - Proverbs 29:18

You hear so many people talk about not really living their lives prior to weight loss surgery. Being fat hinders you from doing so many things that most people don't give a second thought to. Here are a few particular goals that I have, in no special order. Some are serious, while others are fun. It will be fun to revisit this list, and check off the goals I have accomplished.

1. Be able to cross my legs.
2. Be able to feel my hip bones and rib cage.
3. Be able to comfortably sit in any seat, and also not to have to think that the seat might break.
4. Skydive.
5. Ride in a hot air balloon.
6. Be able to shop from ANY store in the mall.
7. Lose so much weight that people don't recognize me.
8. Be able to fly comfortably.
9. Not be the fattest person in the room.
10. Travel and tour the Holy Lands.
11. Be able to wear heels.
12. Be able to get a pedicure (sitting in the chair that they have is impossible now.)
13. Be able to date.
14. Have increased self-esteem.
15. Be able to move around at a crowded event (like stadium seating, without making everyone stand up to let me through).
16. Be able to look cute in a bathing suit (ok, it most likely will never be a two piece, but I am ok with that.)
17. Start working somewhere where they never knew I was fat.
18. Hike the Grand Canyon and Half Dome.
19. Climb to the top of a lighthouse. (I love lighthouses!)
20. Learn how to ballroom dance.
21. Wear a size without without an (or multiple) "X" in front of it.
22. Be in a single digit clothing size.
23. Maintain my weight loss.
24. Participate in a 5K Run. (Actually RUNNING, not walking....and complete it.)
25. Help others along the way who are trying to lose weight.
26. Swim with dolphins.
27. Be able to relax, take a bubble bath, and actually have room to spare in the tub.
28. Be able to squat.
29. Be able to get up from the ground without having to use a prop to help get me back up.
30. Go White Water Rafting.
31. Be light enough that a man can pick me up, and give me a piggy back ride.
32. Buy cute underwear at Victoria's Secret.
33. Be the same size as my sister.
34. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail.
35. Regularly take the stairs to my 4th flor office - and not be winded.
36. Stay a member of the "not cleaning my plate" club.
37. Go skiing and snowboarding.
38. Become a runner/jogger.
39. Be able to wear cute jewelry.
40. Drink 100+ oz of water per day and get in 140-150 grams of protein per day.
41. Hike through many of the National Parks in the west.

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