Sunday, July 22, 2007

Eating By The Clock

After reading another blog about never being hungry, I was prompted to write this post. Since surgery, I have NO appetite. Not even a little hint of one. In order to get in the necessary protein, I have become a "clock" eater. There are certain times of the day when I will eat or make myself a protein shake. This helps me to avoid looking at the clock, realizing that half the day is gone, and I need to scramble to get my protein in. Will I always have to be a clock eater? I'm not sure, but for now that is how it needs to be.

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Dagny said...

The way things feel for you now WILL change! It will take a lot of time. If you have no appetite WORK WITH IT. Make the most of this window of time when you can maximize the weight loss and work on changing the priority of food in your life. Think about dropping it waaaaaay down the list of priorities in your life. Consume what you have to for nourishment now. You are in a time period when you can really modify your habits. Think about that goal list and all you have to GAIN!!!!