Friday, July 20, 2007

How to Make a Yummy Protein Drink

Hood's "Calorie Countdown" Chocoalate Milk, makes for a YUMMY protein drink. I was having a difficult time drinking protein drinks, and this milk made all the difference. Over the past three weeks, I have been drinking at least two shakes a day. This gives me about 30 grams of protein per shake. By drinking more protein, it has enabled me to get my protein levels to over 100 grams a day, and has also allowed me to be able to start eating small amounts of vegetables (which was impossible before because I was so "full" from the protein all the time.) I have found Hood's Calorie Countdown at Kroger and at Super Wal-Mart. (Note: It is now called "Calorie Countdown," not "Carb Countdown" like the picture on the left carton says.)

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