Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweet Treats

I totally messed up on the dough, and ended up using store bought cookie dough.  I also realize that I want to buy some cookie cutters, but not before I figure out an easy way to store them!
This recipe features a new product Jif Mocha Cappucino.  It wasn't available to me locally (or even when I visited my parents), but I did find it the last time I was in Pierre.  The recipe does make more than one pie, so I used some mini pie pans as overflow dishes.

Funny thing is that I told the kids at church I made the cookies for them, and the pies for the adults.  I said that the pies tastes a bit like coffee, and I didn't think they would like it.  During the meal, one of the twins (about 17 months old), and shoved the whole mini-pie in her face, and was licking the tin. 
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I was talking with a lady from my church, where I had dropped by cookies at her office.  She shared with her office mates.  She said that the lady said she would pay for cookies that were this good.

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ChiTown Girl said...

A couple thoughts...

I keep my cookie cutters in a big popcorn tin (the kind that's readily available at the holidays, with 3 kinds of popcorn in it) cuz I have a butt load of cutters!

If you had a a place to hang them, you could always put them on a string/chain and hang them from a peg or something in your kitchen. Kinda like kitchen art that's functional, too. (?)

What about in a cute cookie jar, that you could leave out on your counter?