Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pushing Through a Sinus Infection

Banana Pudding Cookies

Apple Streusel Cake

Beef Enchiladas

HH asked what made these enchiladas different from ones I had previously cooked.  I told him that I used cottage cheese as part of the filling.  We are both not cottage cheese fans, but when mixed with the taco seasoned meat, and green chiles, you really couldn't tell.

We had another half day today.  It reached 107 degrees.  As soon as school started, we were notified that it would be an even shorter day than normal.  Instead of 12:30 dismissal, we are dismissing at 11:45.  It was such a crunch for getting kids through lunch that the 5th graders had to go to lunch with their backpacks and be dismissed from the cafeteria.  
I was proud of myself for working on my online course (mini one required for work, not a graduate class), filing some papers, starting planning for next week, etc.  I came home and made the Banana Pudding Cookies and Apple Streusel Cake, and took a nap.

One of my favorite boys from last year, Tanner, came to visit me last night at church.  I say I'd never be a foster parent, but I'd love to take Tanner.  He came to see me on the third day of school when we had an early release too.  I loaded up a plate for him and his friend to eat.  He is a precious boy to me.  I can't wait to see what comes of his life.

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