Sunday, August 5, 2012

In Praise of "Dirty" Dishes

Our new friend's Adam and Rachel returned our dish "dirty" today.  Now I like this!
I am getting ready to take over this "Candy Bar Cake" that I made.  I followed a step by step picture recipe from the Food Network Magazine.  My top didn't turn out like the magazine, but it looks delicious. 
I had a co-worker who was pretty sick, and is just now getting back on her feet.  On Monday, I am bringing her Chex Lemon Buddies.  She is not a big chocolate person, so I think this will hit the spot.  I saved a small bowl for HH.
 I love my decal on my Mac.  (I should have turned off the flash, and had the Mac on for full effect.)
After the event tonight, HH and I will have a dinner (recipe probably posted tomorrow).  He is coming to the school to help me move furniture into the spots I want it, so I can fully begin my setup tomorrow.  I know I will start getting pumped once I have my classroom setup.  Sometimes seeing all these pictures on Pinteret can be overwhelming, and I want to do so much more than is realistic.  (Also, we don't have a Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Target right up the road either!)

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