Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pepperoni Mac and Cheese, and a Great Lunchbox Idea

I enjoyed this recipe, but HH thought that it was quite heavy.
Oatmeal Cream Pie Cookies

Little Debbie and I go way back.  I have very early childhood memories of getting them from my grandparents everytime I saw them.  This continued on through adulthood.  I was excited to find a recipe to make them on my own.
 Pineapple Cookies

I was concerned about the taste of these at first.  I had HH to sample one, and he said that I've made so many rich things lately that it was throwing me off.  They are a very light cookie.  I would double the pineapple next time if I repeated the recipe.

Lunchbox ENVY:

Asparagulicious Chicken Salad

I am meeting some friends at Subway today, as a last get together before the school year starts.  I was eating Subway for some time here, but now the thought of it makes me sick.  I'm bringing my own lunch.  This salad tastes amazing!

Gift for a Teacher Friend:

What I Like Most About My Classroom (Free Printable)

One day of PD down, four more to go.  I'm headed over to the TOMs website to buy some happiness in the form of their shoes for the fall. 

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