Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I didn't have enough time or energy to blog about yesterday, so here goes...

I get a call from HH around 4:45 that he needs a ride home, because the car is messed up.  I meet him at the Ford dealership.  A friend of HHs looked at the car, and said it is most likely the transmission.  We had the car towed out to my uncle's garage.  We borrowed a spare car from my parents.  By this time I am very tired....and we make it home a few minutes after 9:00....on my "early" night home from work.

We are waiting on hearing from my uncle, but it looks as if we are going to be replacing a transmission.  Fun times folks!

I was filmed today for a piece on turnaround schools with a local news crew.  If they post it on the internet, I'll include a link later.  We had faculty meeting today, and now I am at home watching Criminal Minds.  HH is having dinner with a seminary friend. 

Recliner + Me = LOVE

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