Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hanging With the Fam...

HH and I had a great time at date night cooking class with my brother and SIL.  We made seared duck, and an awesome salad.  I will post the salad recipe on here later.  Afterwards, we went over to Starbucks and talked for an hour.  This time was special to me because I don't often get to hang out with my brother.  He works about 60 hours a week, and then tries to spend time with his wife and daughter. 

I am helping put on a baby shower on Monday after work.  Here is what I am bringing:

Crab-Stuffed Celery

Easy Oreo Truffles

Sherbert Punch

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ChiTown Girl said...

Somebody made "Oreo Balls" (that's what they called them!) for the cast when my son did his play last month. They were to die for!! I had never heard of them, and really wanted to the recipe, so thank you!!!!