Saturday, May 1, 2010

An Observation

For some reason this message didn't post from my phone, so here is a repeat....

HH and I are with the boys from Canada watchign them while their parents are at the Derby.  I have often used this family as a "model" of how normal people deal with food.  I've known them for six years, and they have had no weight problems.  They seem to handle food as a means to live, but not live to eat. 

My newest observation is that they have one basket of fruit out, but other than that all food is put away.  Nothing is on the countertops for you to view.  At my home growing up, we always had food out on the countertops (such as cereal boxes, pasta, hamburger buns, etc).  It was always visible.  HH and I have several things of food out because we don't have enough cabinet space. 

So does leaving food out on your countertops serve as a small contributing factor towards those who end up being overweight, and those who do not?  Is out of sight really out of mind?  HH thinks there is a link, he talked about how he had forgotten that we had sour cream and onion pringles because they were put away in the cabinet. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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