Sunday, May 30, 2010

Glad For Another Day of Rest!

HH and I partially completed our Great Date Experiment #1.  My back started hurting (pain in the right side by my hip), and we had to end the date early.  We are going to finish the date up tomorrow evening, then I will give you guys a full recap.

Today we had a church picnic after services, and I brought Pineapple Coleslaw.  I did add colored marshmallows, because it looked so bland.  I don't think the marshmallows hurt the dish, but they really didn't add to it either.  My mom suggested adding cherries next time for flavor and color.  My dish was about half consumed, but it really didn't have a lot of visual appeal.  My mom, dad, and family friend tried it later and all liked it.  This was my first time making any type of coleslaw.  I am certainly a fan of juicy coleslaws though.  I won't order it as a side dish if they tell me it is a drier version in a restaurant.

I watched three movies last night while HH was in NC.  (His spiritual mentor passed away, and he is at the memorial services.)

I am in the process of figuring out how to resurrect my IPOD.  I lost all my music when my laptop was stolen last summer.  We now own a trusty external hard drive so that won't happen again.  For the longest time, I just listened to my jams that I had on the IPOD, but now I need some new music and playlists to pump through its veins.  I found out about a program called CopyTrans, which can put all the music back.  I am part way through the process, but have somehow gotten the wrong authorization code.  I have already received one email back from customer service.  My mind is racing with all the new playlist possibilities.  :)

We had a birthday party for my nephew today (my sister's stepson).  He turned six years old.  His father didn't attend the party.  My BIL has not done anything with our family since Christmas.  My parents have done nothing but go out of their way for him, and this breaks my heart.  The excuse today was that he sprung his ankle, and it was all black and blue.  Heck today wasn't about appeasing my parents, but it was your own kid's BIRTHDAY dude.....really? 

I've come to a realization of one of the reasons I like skirts so much now.....I really don't like anything touching my thighs.  If it is in the remote bit realm of fitting, I feel like it is too tight.  (Keep in mind the plastic surgeon said he could get three pounds of excess skin off of EACH this area is a big mental as well as physical hurdle to me.)  I recently discovered gaucho pants, and love those.  I bought a brown and black pair (they go right to my knees).  Please note the body pictured below is NOT mine!  Ha Ha!

After everyone left the party, my mom and I worked on the memory album for a teacher I work with.  She has looped with her kids, teaching them both fourth and fifth grade, so we made her a special album.  Reading what these kids wrote about her was amazing....many things made me cry.  She is an amazing teacher, and I know their lives have forever been changed by having her as a teacher.


ChiTown Girl said...

Wait, your sister threw a birthday party for her STEPSON and his father didn't even come!?!? I take it they're not together anymore? But, she has custody? I'm confused....

You know darn well that's a picture of you. You always were those cha-cha shoes to school, don't you!? ;-)

ChiTown Girl said...

Bwah hahaha! I love when Evil Tiffany comes out! Loved the comments over at my place! :)