Monday, May 31, 2010

Great Date Experiment # 1

The Great Date Experiment # 1

We started out at King Fish on the river.  We had a great (inside) view.  HH knows I hate bugs, and pretty much all eating alfresco, with the exception of the months of April and September (when the bugs seem to not be out).  We always have good discussions, but I really enjoyed the questions that we asked each other from the experiment.  Our date ended after this because of the pain in my right hip.

Part of the date was to split up in a store, and buy each other gifts.  You had to explain why you bought the gifts.  HH got a gigantic bubble wand and Scrabble Slam Card Game.  I got a card, Milano Mint Cookies, and a Junior Superstar Microphone.  :)

We ended our date at the Comfy Cow.  HH is holding onto our order sign, waiting for our sundae that we split.  We ran out of steam long before we ran out of sundae.

Ending our date in true married folk fashion....we went grocery shopping for the work week.

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