Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Thoughts On Pepsi's CEO Indra Nooyi

"If all consumers exercised, did what they had to do, the problem of obesity would not exist."
 - Indra Nooyi (Pepsi CEO)

Well, I am glad to know it was just that simple!  Silly me!  One thing I've learned on my journey is that 2 + 2 doesn't always get you 4.  I do acknowledge that everyone can do some things to help them in their health journey, but I also acknowledge that many people have a much tougher way to go genetically speaking.  Many people have to move heaven and earth for just a few pounds to come off, while others can drop one thing from their diet and lose twenty-five pounds.

Well, this comment has really ticked me off enough that I am going to take action.  I know I am one person, but I can feel better about where my money is going.  I am going to boycott Pepsi products.  This comment was very insensitive, and just plain wrong.  I looked up all the products I am going to need to boycott:

* Frito Lay
* Tropicana
* Quaker
* Gatorade

Good News!  PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi Solves Obesity Crisis

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