Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3.5 Hours.....

I was at the hematologist's office for 3.5 hours from beginning to end.  I had labs drawn (nine tubes), waited a long time, filled out paperwork, then spent about 25 minutes with the doctor.  I sometimes have a tendency to downplay how I feel towards doctors, but I decided that today was not going to be that day.  I told the doctor how tired I feel all the time.  I told her how my teaching style had changed, because sometimes it is hard for me to make it through the day.  Then I told her about how my husband does almost everything at home (chore wise), because I am so tired.  I said I feel like I am seventy and I am thirty.  I want RELIEF.  NOW.

She said that I was anemic, and that my red blood cells were pale.  She ordered extra labs in addition to the standard ones that she ran for me.  So here is my GREAT NEWS: Iron Infusions starting next week!!!!  Wooo Hooo!!!  I know this is going to be a big kick start in the right direction.  I will have a total of eight, and will check back in with her after my third one.  Oh Happy Day!

Hat tip to the reader who told me about the Vonifer infusion...that is the type that my doctor ordered for me.  I appreciate knowing what the Cadillac version of iron transfusions is going in, heaven knows I don't need any Pintos!

For those who are researching WLS, and have found my blog....I am three years and 2 months post-op.  Many people who are as far out as myself have to have iron infusions at some point.  I knew this prior to choosing my surgery.  There are things you will have to watch more with the DS than other surgeries, but with how much weight I needed to lose, this surgery was hands down the best choice for me.


Laurie (GastricGirl.com) said...

Good for you! Thanks for the comment on my blog.. Iron deficiency is definitely a possibility.. last time I went for my labs my numbers were a little low, but I wasn't anemic yet. I've been really good about taking my vitamins, but as we all know, sometimes that isn't enough!
I hope the iron infusion works wonders.. looking forward to hearing about it!

Missie said...

I've learned to stop hiding how I feel when I see the doctor and just tell him exactly how I feel. How can they help us when we try to hide how we're really feel. I hope the Iron works. I'll be waiting to read an update on how it goes.