Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cooking Update

The Peanut Butter Blondies were a TOTAL flop.  I don't know how I messed them up, but they were like goo and I way overcooked them.  They should not have been this way.  I am not sure how I messed them up.

The Maple Apple Chicken was out of this world!  I would have never thought the combination of maple syrup (1/2 cup) and Italian dressing (1/3 cup) would have been a good combination.  It tasted heavenly.  Next time, I am going to use this sauce as a marinade.  The security officer at our school is an amazing cook, and even runs a catering business on the side, he said I did a great job with this dish, I just need to cook the apples longer.

HH and I both liked the stuffed shells with sausage.  I did decide at the last minute to not include the spinach.  I used meat sauce, so this dish had a strong hearty taste to it.

Tonight I will be making the key lime bars for work tomorrow.

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