Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things On My Mind

This post is pretty much going to be all over the board....but I always seem to have a problem having one topic posts anyhow. Lets dive on in...

Open House at school wasn't too bad. The best part was I had three former students come back to visit me. One of them was the particularly challenging kid that got transferred into my class in February. It was so awesome to see the level of respect he had for me, and the amount of pride he had in himself about his accomplishments. I love this kid, and would totally take him home! Some days I wish I had the patience to teach the little students, because you get to watch them grow up over several years while they are still in the building. My kids always move on to middle school, so I don't get to see that.

I only had one parent ask me about the "shirt tucking in rule." This was the first thing she asked, I don't mind that she asked, but I was hoping that her child's ability to read, write, and think on a fifth grade level was more important. I gave her my feelings on it, very politely, but firmly. Then, I changed the subject to the focus of his academic needs.

I am saving the best for last, Mr. Kiss. Mr. and Mrs. Kiss are super involved parents for their only daughter Samantha, who is a superstar student. I am taking to Mrs. Kiss when I overhear random words from Mr. Kiss who is talking to my student teacher. Words such as "every Kiss concert, Jack Daniels, buying cigarettes since I was ten......" and the like. Turns ot Mr. Kiss is a real riot. We pretty much talked about everything under the sun except for his daughter and her performance. It takes all kinds people, that is all I can say.

Last Friday, someone was breaking a window out around six pm at our building. Our district has fixed this problem by putting a huge piece of cardboard on it, and covering it with duct tape. Yeah, this is going to do wonders to keep out vandals. It has been one week. No offense, but considering the location of our school and the crime rate, you think that even though we are a huge district that fixing a window at our building would be a much higher priority than in other areas. I'm waiting to see just how long it takes to get repaired.

I found out yesterday that my toughest student is moving. I miss kids often when they move, but it is kids like this one that I really worry about. What if they get a really crappy teacher who only wants a paycheck, and doesn't really care about them? What if they try to get him placed in an alternative school instead of actually working with him and helping him change? He is so tough on the outside, but more fragile than an eggshell on the inside.

HH picked me up from school and we went to the Tequila Factory for some great Mexican food. I branched out from the normal "chicken taco salad" that I always have, and had enchiladas. They were very good. Afterwards I had a small orange sherbet. We went to the family from Canada's house, and hung out with the youngest boy while they went to a function with their high school son.

I got an Ann Taylor mailer/catalog yesterday. I had to take a few minutes and get on my soapbox, and (un)fortunately, my HH was there for the ride. These girls were beyond normal model skinny, and were awful looking. They looked like my fifth grade girls, except only they were a foot taller, and fifteen years older. HH even said he thought they had been photshopped. Is it asking too much to have some girls who are normal sized, that don't look like they need feeding tubes and to be checked in at a treatment facility?

This evening we are entertaining our friends Jeri and Cassie. I am cooking! :) This is the first in-home entertaining we have done other than for my parents. Today makes an important day in my amateur culinary career. I am making my first cake that is not from a box. I know, since I am thirty, I figured it was about time I try. Here is the recipe:

Scotch Chocolate Cake:

2 Cups Flour
2 Cups Sugar
1 stick butter
1/2 cup crisco
4 Tbsp. Cocoa
1 Cup Water
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 Tbsp Soda
2 eggs

Mix flour and sugar, set aside; in saucepan melt margarine, shortening, cocoa, water, and bring to a rapid boil; Pour over flour and sugar: add soda and buttermilk. Stir mixture then add eggs and vanilla; beat. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes in a 9 x 3 greased pan.


8 oz. chocolate chips (semi-sweet or dark)
1 stick butter
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup evaporated milk

Boil butter, sugar, and milk for sixty seconds, add chips....melt and stir. Pour over the warm cake.

For dinner for our guests, we are having Bow Ties with Asparagus and Prosciutto. I have made this once before, and wanted to make something that I knew would turn out well.

Here is the rest of the meal plan:

Sunday Evening: Upside-Down Deep Dish Pizza
Monday: Taco Calzones
Tuesday: Eating Out (Going to the National Quartet Convention)
Wednesday: Fend for Yourself (Late Work Meeting until 7:30)
Thursday: Seminary Wives Institute Night (Ben's Taco Bell/Burger King/Insert Fast Food Restaurant Name Here Night)
Friday: Out with the girls from my former job
Saturday (either lunch or dinner): Four-Cheese Linguine with Prosciutto
Sunday Lunch: Chicken Ricotta Suffed Shells
Sunday Dinner: Blue Cheee Sroganoff

On Tuesday night I am also going to make a Bacon Tomato Casserole. I was supposed to make it last week, but didn't get around to it. By doing that I can divide out the casserole to have it to take to work for Wednesday and Thursday for lunch.

I can tell I am really starting to like cooking because I was truly bummed that after making a menu plan for the week, I realized that we can't eat at home several nights this week. That is a pretty good feeling, knowing I am starting to like it. I knew cooking was something I was going to have to "do", but it is another thing to be able to "enjoy" doing it. I am crossing over to that side. Life is good.

A Few Things I Love About My Husband:

* He has been doing the grocery shopping for me. Since I have been cookng, these lists can get quite detailed, and he has taken care of all of it. This is a serious time saver to me.
* I don't know what the price of gas is. He has filled up the tank on our cars since we have gotten married. I hate pumping gas, and he does it.
* He is so encouraging and supportive.
* He makes me laugh so much, I am going to live longer, and possibly never need meds (aka happy pills).


ChiTown Girl said...

That's so cute! My dad, also, does all the grocery shopping. I don't even know when the last time my mom stepped into a grocery store was! ALL the meals sound yummy! I'm especially intrigued by the Blue Cheese Stroganoff! If you can, send it to my email,please. :)

I'm glad you're getting into your cooking. I love it, and just wish I had more time for it.

Glad to hear open house wasn't so bad. I can TOTALLY relate to the mom who only wanted to know about the shirt rule. Don't you just want to shake these people and say "WAKE UP!!!! Your kid can't read, and you're worried about him having to tuck in his shirt?!?! Get a grip!" Uggghhhh!!! It's so infuriating!

Let me know how the cardboard and duct tape work out for ya, will ya? Sounds like an affordable solutions to life in the ghetto. ;-)

And, yes, it is AWESOME when my "babies" come back to see me. The first class I had at the Hell-Hole are in 7th grade now, and they are so grown up!! I've had the awful experience of running into a former student at a BAR of all places!! I was out with my sister one night, to see my friends' band, and I noticed this adorable little "boy" looking at me. It was going on for quite some time, and I KNEW he wasn't checking me out, but I didn't know why in the world he would be looking and looking. Finally, when we were about to leave, he mustered up some courage and came over to us. "Are you Mrs. L.?" As soon as he said my name, HIS name popped right back into my head, and I recognized him as a former student from my first CPS school. Talk about being in the twilight zone!! He was in his mid--twenties, which made me feel like 100!!

Wow, there should be a limit on how long a comment can be, don't you think? ;-)

PrettyWoman said...

What/Who is HH?