Friday, September 18, 2009

Long Live the Weekend!

Today was a good day. I love my class. They are made of awesome. I am going to really enjoy this school year. :)

After work I met my former boss and co-worker for dinner. It was awesome to see them again. We have been getting together every three-four months. They helped me through a whole lot during my rapid weight loss phase of my life. I needed the advice they gave more than I realized at the time.

Ben met me at Quills coffee shop, where I had a lovely cup of joe, and we played Scrabble.

Ben and I will be going to North Carolina on Tuesday after school. Ben's mom will have her pacemaker replaced on Wednesday, and we will stay until Sunday. She was reluctant to accept our help at first, but after some convincing, Ben got her to see our side of things. I will be taking Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week. I have got to talk with my student teacher, because next week was supposed to be her solo week, but that won't be able to happen, since she has to have five consecutive days in a row (with me there). I hope she is not upset, this is really important that I be there to be a support.

There are going to be some great pictures posted later tomorrow evening!

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