Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Day....

Yes.... Four hours of meetings, one before school, and three after school.....what does that merit? A trip to Cato to buy some new clothes! :) I got several cute fall tops (I held off on buying any sweaters) and a pair of gray pants. I got lots of work done today while my student teacher was teaching (today and tomorrow are her two consecutive solo days). I wanted her not to feel as nervous, so I tried to occupy myself with other things.

I'm going to try to get several more things crossed off my to-do list tomorrow while my student teacher is doing her solo. I can't leave the room, but heaven knows there is plenty in that room that I can do!

On Monday I am going to bring this appetizer to work. I will probably add pepporini and proscuitto to it. We are having an appetizer lunch potluck. I will grab mine really quickly, then take the kids back to the classroom.

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