Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feeling Better Now

I am feeling much more confident about going to Seminary Wives Institute tonight. Last week I felt pretty intimidated (not as much the type of group, but the fact that it was a LARGE GROUP). I am going to try to get several errands done before it starts. I want to get my wedding and reception pictures ordered (last week I got the rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding pictures ordered/picked up). I need to get a seminary ID made. I didn't make it to the bookstore to pick up my book that I wanted over the weekend, so that is probably the highest on my priority list! :)

We have officially been back in school now for three weeks. I am starting to get in a groove with my class, and I really like this group of kids. There are a few tough nuts, but there always will be. As of right now, my class is set with seventeen kids. Our principal was supposed to cut five teachers, but found money through grants, etc to keep all staff. With that being said, we are down to one functioning copier in the building. I am not a copy queen by any means, but I do have many resources that I pull from to teach concepts. I actually use many of these "worksheets" to teach different things.

Last night I made the bacon and cheddar mini meatloaves, and they were awesome. :)

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