Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am coming to a new place in my career as a teacher. I've felt comfortable with people coming in my room for some time. My principal is always in our rooms, which I love because he really has some valuable input, and is always finding something positive.

Today, I asked for something different. I asked him to come in my room to watch a reading strategy lesson that I was going to try, fully telling him I was stepping way out of my comfort zone, and this lesson might be a complete flop. I asked him to come in with the express purpose of criticizing the lesson....looking for holes/flaws. It was a stretch out of my comfort zone, but I am happy I did. He found several things he liked, but also ponted out a few things that would have made my lesson much stronger and improved student learning.

I was also a ball of productivity today. Although there still are many things left to do in the next several days (report cards/parent-teacher conferences), I am making a dent on what needs to be done.

HH and I went to Olive Garden this evening, and now I am relaxing.

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