Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Sad Memory and TAKING RISKS!

Yesterday we went to Opry Mills Mall on our way back from Memphis. When I walked into the mall, I remembered my last trip I made there with my family. I was getting ready to start my first year of teaching, and my family went down there to buy me some clothes to start the school year off. The gravity of my weight problem was fully evident that day. After combing the mall, I came home with one jumper and one shirt. That was all that I could find that fit me. (At the beginning of the summer I weighed close to 285-290 pounds because I joined Weight Watchers that summer.) It was also humiliating because my family knew that my size was what prevented me from finding clothes.

It was a whole different experience this time. We only came in for the leather jacket, but it was the fact that I could have bought something from almost any store in the place. I felt human.

This afternoon I made "Aloha Chili." It had pineapple in it. I am glad I tried it. :)

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