Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Step Closer...

I went to apply for my new US Passport yesterday (with my new last name!). My old one was close to expiring, and I couldn't' find it from the merge of households. I should have it in four to six weeks, then I can start researching the details of surgery and making steps to get the two procedures I want done completed next summer.

Ben and I are going to my college town to go to a friend's church. From there, we are going to my friend Ms. Kay's house. I became really close with her during college while student teaching...and stayed in touch with her for a few years, but then lost touch. I blogged earlier about how I got back in touch with her, and HH and I are going to visit her. I am very pumped about that. I have not told her that I have lost a bunch of weight. I am going to be so pumped to see her reaction when she sees how much smaller I am.

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