Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Part Zombies....

We watched President Obama's speech today. I am really big on my kids paying super close attention any time I put something on the Smartboard to watch. I use short video clips from United Streaming in my class often, but they usually are 3-5 minutes. They were really into the speech for about the first seven minutes, then after that I could tell that they had checked out as a whole. They were still doing all my biggie things like facing forward, not putting their head on their desk, not playing with things, etc...but I could tell it went too long for them. I liked the message of the speech, but wished that he had done an elementary version (shorter in length by half), and a middle/high school version.

Tomorrow is Open House. Last year I only had two or three parents come. I don't like starting the day so early and ending it so late. I also have to miss Seminary Wives Institute, which I really am enjoying attending.

I now have a total of SIX dental appointments between now October 3rd and December 2nd. Go ME! (Thanks Mom for your crappy teeth that I inherited!!!) I need three more crowns done. I have been doing them on the as I can afford them plan (since they are $480 apiece, AFTER insurance). With the real possibility that HH and I could be living somewhere else by February (at the latest hopefully), I want to go ahead and get this done. It takes me a long time to trust a dentist and hygentist, so I don't want to be in a new town and have to find someone I can trust to do major dental work on me. I think I might need to start singing Christmas carols while at the office, since this looks like it might be a large part of my Christmas. The secretary offered to "double book" me on some of the days. The crown seeding takes an hour and a half, and keeping my mouth open for so long really is painful. I couldn't imagine doing a longer appointment. These are the days when I think, wow, I love being an adult!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you got a better turn out at this years open house!

Wow, that's a lot of dental procedures, but I agree, get it down now then you don't have to worry about it.