Sunday, September 6, 2009

At a truck stop in Tennessee.....Ben doesn't realize there is a REASON that CD is marked down to $2.99.

Check out the dessert! My HH is so fun....he always keeps me laughing.

We had dinner at Bound'ry in Nashville. This place was so DELISH! The weather was perfect and no bugs!
Here is the sign to Heartbreak Hotel where we stayed. I had to get my picture taken by the Elvis in our room. My face is ALL BROKE OUT! Grrrrr.....I need to find another magic formula to try. I've tried pretty much everything under the planet, and it works for a short period, but nothing for a long time.

I love Cinnabon. I only allow myself to have them when I am away from home. I refuse to buy any in Louisville. This keeps me in check.

Ben is standing in line waiting for dinner. He is carrying my new black lamb skin coat and gloves!

My favorite suit at Graceland....

The Jungle Room....

I loved this monkey so I had HH take a picture of it.

We ate lunch at the Neely's Restaurant. It was very good. The portions were enormous. I didn't take any pictures, because I was completely out of steam. I have been having problems getting the right amount of rest, then having one day every so often it all comes crashing down and I sleep for hours on end. I really wanted to go the Civil Rights Museum and walk down Beale Street, but by 2:30 Memphis time, nothing seemed more appealing than sleeping while HH drove back. I slept from Memphis all the way to Nashville.
Today I joined Ben's church. I've been attending since last July. We both attend the same denomination, but my church is different than his. (Not in a negative way, but just that we use different methods to get to the same end.) It took me a long time (almst nine months) before I made the decision to join my church. I have been a member at this church for nine years. I asked Ben to be respectful and not push me to join his church. He didn't push me at all. I decided today to join his church.
I'm watching Bride Wars right now, and just vegging out. I love the three day weekend.

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