Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well We Tried....

Above is the picture I promised earlier where I burned two CDs on the stove. great of a cook am I!

Ben taking a break after church on the computer.

Here is the lunch I made for my parents. This recipe will have to be altered next time because it was really hard to get the biscuits cooked. They did get cooked, but it didn't look appealing to the eye whatsoever. It tasted great.....even pleased my dad who is a tough critic.

Mom is making cutouts of my students pictures. I am going to display their work below their picture out in the hallway.

Ben and Dad in mid-assembly of our grill.

The end result: No assembled grill. A key part broke, and we have to have it shipped to us. It will be sometime next week before we can continue.

Ben was a sweetie and carried all this trash to the dumpster.
Tomorrow we are really starting to kick into gear with the school year. It is day eight for the students. I have meetings until 5:00 Monday and Tuesday, and a meeting until 5:30 on Wednesday.
I am really working on my dress this year. Towards the end of last year, I kinda got slack on that. It really wasn't "that" bad, but could have been better. I've worn a dress or skirt every day so far. Go me!


Anonymous said...

Your mom is adorable! Loved all the pre-wedding pics! Good job on not gaining the newlywed weight!

ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, you really look like you dad. You both definitely have the same smile! :)